Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fantastical Perception

We all have an idea of how we come across to others, how we "are" to other people.

Beware!  This doesn't mean others view us the same way we view ourselves.

You might view yourself as too thin, too round, too tall, too short, too ugly, too pretty, too... *Insert whatever adjective you'd like here!*

If you were to walk around a party and ask 15 people how they viewed you, how would their answers differ from your own?

I know that other people have a TOTALLY different take on me than I do.  I bet the same goes for a lot of peeps who will read this blog post.

It's not because we try to look cool on Facebook or Twitter.  Most of us try to be at least a variable of ourselves.  And some people respond to some variables more than others.

We all want to be accepted.  What's the key to true acceptance?  Well, hell, if I could answer that and a zillion other questions, I would have my land in New Mexico with my herd of buffalo and be writing you from thousands of acres right now.

Acceptance of ourselves, in my opinion, is accepting who we ARE in our bone marrow.  Some of us are born with a natural fire in our veins.  Some of us are born to roll over and take it.  Some are born constantly looking around and asking others to validate our existence.  I don't know about you, but when I go against my gut instinct or my "bone marrow," I always regret it.  I always think: "Why the hell did I go through with this or that???"  "Why did I go to this shindig when I knew I shouldn't?"  "Why did I not listen to myself and go with the different option?"

Isn't it amazing how much we don't listen to ourselves.  Our very own instruments, each attune to our very natures... and we ignore it.

My challenge... to ALL of us, myself included, is to take the next week and really LISTEN to ourselves.  We are worth so much more than we give ourselves credit!  We are worth more than how others view and treat us.  We are all born with the natural ability to make our own minds up about the direction our lives are taking.  If something is going South, let's ask ourselves WHY.  And what part are we playing in that directional choice?  Be honest with yourself, the answer might surprise you.

For some peeps, the journey of being in "hell" might be the normal environment and be welcomed.  Some are addicted to drama, and welcome that aspect.  Some might be trying to fight their way out of a situation and not have the tools to rise through the diversity.

But the truth is.. we all have the tools to change our present moment.  The only thing that separates those who can and those who do... is action.  Belief in the action and taking it.  Going against the grain and riding that wave until we arrive to a better place.  A place where if you were to ask 15 people at a party how they view you.... Their answer would not be so different than your own answer.

It's Halloween week.  So I dare you.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I triple dog dare you.  Rise to your own occasion and surprise yourself.

Rock it out.

Change your path.


Michelle Tomlinson



  1. I was a Navy cook and everyone had an opinion about the food I prepared.I guess I got thick skinned about what other folks though of me...

    1. I think that'll definitely give ya some thick skin... :)

  2. Acceptance is that another person may have different perspectives, beliefs, and cultures from my own and I am ok with that. I may not agree with their ideas, engage in their behaviors, but I have no problem with that. I wish everyone would have the courage to be what they are and be proud of it. I can only change myself not another person or the conditions I'm living in. I hope winning a lottery THEN I'll have that farm too. Happy Halloween! :D

    1. Amen, Chica! Have a safe and fabulous Halloween! :)