Sunday, October 27, 2013


With the Papillary Thyroid Cancer truly in THE PAST and the fact that my ovaries are indeed cancer free and that I am finally on the proper amount of Thyroid medication, I am blown away by how incredible it is to be "back" in this life thing.  WOW.
Thank you to my Uncle Rick for sending all of us this beautiful

I didn't realize how long I'd been sick.  I could guess it's been since 2009 that my whole body went out of whack.  This is where I should thank that last insanely dysfunctional relationship for hitting me at my core so hard that my health was affected.  Thank you! Thank you for helping me reach this moment!

RIGHT NOW is this beautiful & delicious moment that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.  I have not felt this healthy, energized, motivated and inspired in years.  I am finally living the life I am meant to live. What an intense and worthwhile journey.

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I've started three REALLY cool projects as a Producer AND Actor, I've been coaching more Actors and I've started getting myself out there with more auditions. That's my trifecta.  It always has been, but now it's more defined and I'm charging ahead with more purpose and direction than I ever have.


We shouldn't have to wait until something knocks us upside down before we 'get it.'  And, of course, not everyone does have to wait for that defining moment--they already 'get it.' :) 

And not everyone does get a 'reset button' and a second chance to live the life they're meant to live.

When I say I have the attitude of gratitude more than ever before, it's pure truth.

What drives you?  What is your motivation for getting out of bed?  Can you honestly say you've given it your all, every day, to live the life you feel you were born to live?
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 Or at least that you've done your damnedest to be content with how your life is currently?  Or maybe you're already so content with your current life that all you feel is gratitude? 

Our current lives are exactly where they are meant to be right now!  If we don't like it, we work and figure a way into shifting into something new.  But where we are is a lesson to learn for whatever reason so let's take out our notebooks and write some stuff down.  Then we get to move on. I've personally always been fabulous at learning every single lesson the hard way!

We are only as stuck as we believe we are.  It's a myth, this stuck thing. I used to sometimes feel like I had super glue on the bottom of my feet with how stuck I've felt in the past.  Even if it feels like you've been stuck for years... Let me tell you.  It's happening for a reason.  And there is a glorious day right around the corner that you will be unstuck.  But not if you don't unstick your thoughts now and start putting a different belief system into action. 

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Don't wait until your reset button arrives in order to 'get it.' Don't wait for the moment you get the phone call that you have some sort of sickness that takes you out of the loop.  And for all things good in this world, don't wait until 'someday.'



Michelle Tomlinson

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