Tuesday, April 22, 2014


My Peace Plant.  Her name is Elaine.
She is a MESS!
I was watering my (obviously) much neglected plants on my balcony the other day. 
Some of these little guys really hate direct sun and I'm constantly trying to figure out how best to shield them from getting burned. Then, as it always turns out, they get a little crisped and parts of the plant start to die.  

Which got me to thinking.  

Elaine, I love you! :)
In order for any plant or tree to be healthy, they have to shed the dead leaves first.  Some do this seasonally, some do this due to lack of water or care.  

By shedding the dead weight, the plant is allowed to take care of it's roots and rebuild so she/he can be strong again.  

Of course, I took action and helped Elaine along in shedding her dead leaves so she can regroup and begin again!

Which got me to thinking.

How much dead weight are we carrying around that doesn't suit us?  How many relationships are we hanging on to that no longer feed that special place in our spirit?  How many beliefs are we clinging to, in fear of being proven wrong in the end?  

Some folks might think this is gross.  It's just hair. :) 
It's spring time.  This is the time of year we are literally AND metaphorically supposed to bloom, change, shift, grow and shed our dead leaves.

Through a conversation with a friend, I was reminded that my hair had finally reached an epic length.  I was very charged by this until we realized that epic length still had last year's health drama attached to it.  Ick. Time to shed.  I have been hanging on to the belief that since I lost a lot of hair last year due to fluctuating thyroid levels, surgeries and radioactive iodine, that my remaining hair needed to grow as long as possible.  I talked myself into the idea that it made me feel better to have that long, unhealthy, over processed hair than not.

See what I mean about old beliefs?  Spring is here, kids!  What is no longer fitting our current version of ourselves?  

With sweaty palms and a racing heart, I phoned a gentleman named Farrell Martinez over at Chinchilla Hair Salon in Los Feliz. My Bestie had referred me to him and said I was in good hands... So off I went.

Within 12 seconds of meeting me, Farrell said my hair didn't match my insides at all. (I could segue this into a whole conversation about Actors needing to know their essences and to make sure we match our essence inside and out, but I will keep that for another post.)

And two and a half hours later, I shed the dead ends--four inches worth--and feel better than I have in a REALLY long time!


To add to my shedding of the dead this fabulous spring, I also terminated an incredibly dysfunctional business relationship.  

When we shed the dead in our lives, sometimes we get a little smaller so we can take care of our roots and build again.

I will always prefer to be a girl who's rebuilding and taking care of her roots and remain healthy in Family, Love, Life and Business than be sprinting around like a twit carrying a fire extinguisher to put out all the fires that dysfunctional folks bring into our lives. 

With that said, I hope all of you know and stand tall in your worth!  We are all worth shedding the dead weight and relationships that aren't good for our souls.  

To be punny, let's "spring" into action.  Together.



  1. Wonderful insight and wisdom to start my work week. I am now ready to TEAR IT UP! Thanks Michelle.