Friday, June 6, 2014



We never have enough time, we waste time, we blame time, we shake our fists at time and it's one thing that can never be replaced or come back to us.  To try to hold onto time is about as easy as holding air in our fists.  It's fleeting and it's sneaky.  We can hate it or love it, but our emotions will never have an effect on time itself.

We mark time in our calendars.  Birthdays, Holidays, days of sorrow when we lost someone, anniversaries, days to celebrate kicking cancer's ass, days that a relationship ended or some other big noted moment of our lives---these things all make it into our big calendar of time.  We are reminded of our growth, joys, sorrows, frustrations and glorious moments all because of a date.

I love my calendar of time.

I just recently had a birthday.  I LOVE having my birthday!  When I think of the alternative, not having a birthday, that means I would no longer be living.  Since I love living... Well, you get the point.

Other days in my calendar of time are of equal importance.  Whether it's a reminder of something amazing or something devastating, I consider myself blessed and lucky to have gone through those moments.  Without those moments of past time, would I be the me that I am today?  Would I have as much understanding of the human condition and compassion?  Would I be more of a shmuck or less of a shmuck?  Who the hell would I be and what would I be doing?

More importantly, WHO CARES???  :)

Sometimes, I am one of those folks who feels there is never enough time.  If I had a dollar for every TIME I wanted one more moment with someone who's gone from this world, I would have more money than Donald Trump.

Other times, I feel like there is so much time left!  I feel like there is this limitless void of time, holding out it's timey-wimey (Thank you, Doctor Who!) arms to greet me.

As a girl who has gone through a river of crazy, hiked personal mountains of hell and has seen the shadow of death in a wee glimpse, I have come to appreciate... Now.

We go through what we go through to learn and keep going.  We have joy within sorrow and sorrow within joy.  We get to fully experience the human condition, ALL THE TIME.  We are here and we are fortunate!

What would happen... I know this sounds crazy... BUT.  What would happen if we loved time?  What would happen if we fell to our knees in gratitude for the good, bad and the ugly?  We can't go back.  We can't trip on what's ahead.  But we can love right now.

'Cuz seriously---now is the right time.



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