Monday, February 23, 2015


This little guy lives at a wolf sanctuary.  Peacefully!
We are all searching for a little peace of mind, aren't we. 

Society lets us blame everyone around us for why that search has us come up empty handed, time and again.  We are allowed to say things like:  Well, my job sucks and so does my boss.  So and so screwed me over and they got a promotion instead of me.  I got hosed by the guy who cut me off in traffic.  I have a friend who's being weird.  Everyone is talking smack about me.

We all have that finger pointed out at every other circumstance and person we can find.  They are our Peace Thieves, right?  Are they?

It's part of the human condition to have frustrations and situations that we feel stuck in.  Nobody is perfect--I sure know that I'm not!

What we all, myself included, should heed is that every time we point out at someone/thing as being the reason for our lack of peace--we are playing the role of a victim.

None of us need to be victims.  We are all in this game called life, so right away that makes us victors. 

Because... Adorable, that's why!

I have found, more often than not, that when I point my finger out in blame towards one of my Peace Thieves, that finger is best pointed at my own reflection in the mirror. 

How we react to others is our greatest Peace Thief.  We give into a knee jerk emotion about a situation and get pissy and frustrated.

Me giving a "Whovian" peaceful moment at a State Fair, 2013
What would happen if we chose to look at situations from a more objective standpoint and found a peaceful solution?  Trust me, this doesn't mean the other people will have the same reaction and be all zippy doo dah with you.  BUT.  If we can get that peace within ourselves about any given situation and start pointing that almighty finger towards ourselves in the mirror, then we've won the war.  Against ourselves, who can be our biggest critic and enemy.  We are worth being friends with ourselves and we are worth that not-so-elusive peace of mind.

So let's quit ripping ourselves off already and become peace givers, not thieves.


Michelle Tomlinson

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  1. Thanks for this McT, I have been having a bit of an issue with forgiveness of something a while back that my brother did before his suicide, it is completely unresolvable of course, but a kind of circular reasoning is there, it's crazy, and even real junior high stuff, and I know it, and it's a bit of a Peace Theif. The way I see it it's my higher powers way of presenting me and opportunity to work on core issues like forgiveness, an issue that has been a Peace Theif throughout the years. Catch you on the flip side, Randy