Friday, July 20, 2012

Human Sacrifices

All of us have to sacrifice something to achieve our goals.

I used to think this pertained only to Artists. 

But when you really think about it, every single person of every single walk of life has to sacrifice something.

Maybe a single Mom goes back to school for a degree to upgrade her job status--she sacrifices time with her kids to give them all a better life.  Maybe a girl needs to work extra hours in order to further her career  and her not as ambitious boyfriend breaks up with her.  Maybe a Teacher is busy helping at risk teens and never winds up having kids of her own.  Sacrifices are endless.

Whether sacrifices are on purpose or accidental, they happen.  We let them.  And when something is worth it, we're totally cool with them.
How much are you willing to sacrifice for your goal?  What is it that keeps you going, day in and day out--all for your goal? 

How much does integrity cost?

When we wind up (God willing) being 90 years old and looking back on our lives, what important   highlights will we want to visit? 

When did we help someone other than ourselves?

Would we rather rise up with integrity in our left hand and someone we love holding our right at 90 years old, or look back on the present with regret and wistfulness?

We all have sacrifices to make.  We all make wrong ones and we all make right ones. 

I think the difference lies in what we choose to do next and in between.


Michelle Tomlinson

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