Monday, September 24, 2012

Fried Green Tomatoes...?

So we got this little tomato plant for our balcony.  As it turns out, tomato plants are a bit more difficult to keep healthy, as you can see all the dead stuff in the pot.  Who knew?? 

Imagine my surprise when I went outside to water it and discovered these two teensy green 'maters!  Against all the odds stacked against them, these little guys are reaching for their potential to become full sized tomatoes.

I got inspired by our withered plant.  What odds are we working against?  We are the only species on earth who creates our own drama and our own excuses for why we can't do something or why something didn't work out.  These tomatoes don't know the odds are stacked against them.  They're just doing what they're supposed to do.  They're not knocking on my balcony door and apologizing for being small or for taking a long time to ripen. 

How many excuses do we make in our normal day?  In looking at myself, I'd say a LOT.  We all have odds against us for things we want to accomplish. 

We can choose to look at our withered leaves and surrender to them and believe they are all there is for us or we can look at those same withered leaves and say I GOT THIS.  The latter is much more difficult.  The latter suggests that we don't recognize all the odds stacked against us, but believe in our ability to grow and embrace our potential.

Personally, I'm going to say I GOT THIS.  It's a WAY more exciting way to go, I think.

I also think I should go outside now and water my tomato plant.


Michelle Tomlinson


  1. Miracle Grow and epson salts do wonders when added to the water for your plants.

    1. The Miracle Grow didn't do much to improve things, but I'll try the salts! :)

  2. Our tomato plants are about done for the season. Didn't plant them. Didn't tend them. They came with the house and we've been reaping the benefits.

  3. Other tomatoes don't give pressures to their fellow tomatoes like people do lol.