Thursday, September 6, 2012

Screw Milk, Got Faith?

I recently visited someone in the Hospital.  This person is THE person who kicked my ass eight ways to Sunday in a Scene Study class I used to take.  He's truly the best Scene Study teacher (in my opinion!) that could ever grace this town.  

(I'm protecting his name here--so even if you know of whom I'm speaking, DO NOT POST!  Thank you!)

I thanked this amazing man for giving me what every artist needs:  DISCIPLINE.  Where would we be without it, right?  He was a bit surprised when I thanked him for that.  Discipline is not an easy thing to instill in others, especially when they're stubborn actors like myself.  We spoke for a minute and he was dozing off a bit when he said:  Actors always want to just hurry and get there--without doing the work.  They just need to HAVE FAITH. 

This hit like a rock.

I don't care what one does for a living, I think discipline and faith are necessary tools to not only keep going, but to do the best you can at whatever you're doing.  The moral fortitude to do things right and not fill our lives with shortcuts.  (Unless you're driving on Laurel Canyon in LA.)

How many times have we doubted if we're on the right path?  Wondering if we should say screw it and start a different career?  How many times have we fallen to our knees in frustration about not being "there" yet? 

Where the hell is "there", anyway?  What are we basing our success on?  

Sometimes telling people to have faith is like telling them to eat a sewer rat.  They don't wanna hear it, they don't wanna let it sink in. 

Having faith is sometimes sitting in our s**t and looking around at our lives and thinking THIS SUCKS.  But whilst thinking THIS SUCKS, embracing the idea that nothing is forever and if something is rough right now, it'll pass.  And it'll get better.  We'll either change our approach to what we're doing, or a break will come or we'll change our perception. 

Having faith gives us a doorway that forever stands open, allowing awesome gifts to enter our lives and allowing the muck and crap to leave us. 

Sometimes faith is all we have.  Be it faith in whatever religion you embrace, in yourself, your family and loved ones, animals, a rock, whatever it is............  It's a delicious thread to embrace.


Michelle Tomlinson