Monday, February 11, 2013

...And How May I Service You??

The Service Industry.

The minute we read those words, we automatically think about things like: Restaurants, Valet, Customer Service for the Internet and such, Assistants, Car Wash Attendants, etc. etc. etc.

I guarantee we don't automatically think of the Entertainment Industry!

Why is that?

If you think about it, the Entertainment Industry is VERY much an Industry of SERVICE.

Each and every single human being that works in this Industry is of service to someone else.

A Writer tells their story to service a project.

The Director (sometimes the same person.) puts the script into a moving media, thus servicing not only the Writer, but the Audience.

Producers service the above by getting funds for the project, putting together a crew, locations, budget, etc. etc.

Every single member of Production & Post Production services the above by making the project happen in their given departments.

Actors service all of the above by bringing their light, voices, talent and physical instruments to bring the written characters to life.

Acting Coaches service the Actors in prepping them for their auditions and shoots.

Without all of the proper elements and people in place, there would be no Entertainment Industry.

We should all serve in gratitude.

But we don't.

Instead, we get an inflated sense of ourselves.  We think we are celebrities.  We think we are above all other humans and treat others as if they are below us.  The days of toil and turmoil behind us, now that we've "made it," turn us into egotistical and ethereal images of who we really are at our core.

Each and every one of us have our own tales and journeys.  We each have our own successes and failures.

And we each have a chance to turn our successes into something truly beautiful we can share with the world.  It's a conscious choice to keep our gratitude as our attitude, no matter where we are on the food chain.

After all, it's always better to share a little love than a little arrogance!

Peace and Success to ALL of you, no matter your Industry or Journey.

Michelle Tomlinson


  1. How many hold "other" jobs to make ends meet.I know most have to.