Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We've Hatched the Show!

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You know when you get a really cool idea and then you instantly wonder if you'll ever be able to make it come to fruition?

Me too.

And, FINALLY, the right thing has to come to fruition.

AN INTIMATE LOOK with MICHELLE TOMLINSON is a show that I am really proud of, because it started out as a really cool idea while I had shampoo in my hair.  The instant I had the full vision, I sort of dismissed it as something that was way too huge an undertaking.

I was right.  Starting a show, developing it, overseeing it, partnering with the right peeps, seeing it come not only to fruition but into launch... is a big GIGANTIC undertaking that there was no way in hell I could do alone.

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About three weeks after my original thought exploded, imploded, lingered and teased my brain, my gal pal Maria Fagan mentioned she wanted to learn more about Producing.  Huh.  I knew in a nano second she was the PERFECT fit for this show.  Not only would she learn about producing (albeit on a tiny scale, but learning nonetheless!), but she is also undeniably smart, passionate, honest and has a ton of integrity.

Once Maria and I decided to 'do this thing,' I got my fabulous hubby involved.  Chris (Nelson) has been an amazing sounding board and creative partner.  Without him, there's certainly no way in hell this show would have ever found it's breath, let alone voice.

The team became even stronger when the incredibly talented and smart girls Lisa Gershuny and Abra Moore came on board.  These two girls are the greatest internet sleuths and have laid more groundwork for this show than I ever could have in the timeline we've gotten things done.  Huge gratitude.  HUGE.

To complete my Dream Production Team, Kimberly Amato (aka Amato) hopped on board as my Director of Marketing.   My head is still spinning from all the lessons in SEO hoo hah and how much information Amato has put out to the world in regards to this lil' Show is insurmountable.  She is the Queen of the Internet Highway and so hugely needed to make this thing jam.

A gargantuan thank you to the folks who sponsored our show in kind with wonderful goodies:  Yoga Shelter, Card Heaven, L'Uvalla, My Sister's Caramel Crunch, Mehrdad's Muscle Therapy, KK's Toffee and author Nic Brown!

Our first guest is one of the most incredible women I have ever had the honor to meet:

Nancy Rove.  Click the link below, watch/listen to the show, and hear this gal's story.  I promise you'll get at least one huge smile. :)

With all of that now said and done, I remain proud of our lil' show.  We have all worked very hard with what we have to allow this show to be a vessel for other people's stories.  We will have a new Webisode and Podcast up every Wednesday for the next seven weeks, starting today, March 5th.

Enjoy the stories.  Get lifted higher than you were when you started your journey today.  Know that you are never alone when you're going through the muck and the mire.  You are in good company and you are safe and there is... always HOPE.




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