Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I will be the first in line to admit one huge truth about myself:


I love fully, deeply and foolishly.  I embrace every moment with wild abandon and love new experiences.  I have the same crazy occasional fears that revisit me from time to time so that I am reminded of the challenges of kicking down my own walls and through my own doors.  I have awful days that make me want to scream in the middle of the street in a rain storm.  I have amazing days that fill me with so much compassion and gratitude I'm brought to my knees, in tears, so damn glad to be alive and experiencing this life thing.

I am smart enough to know how lucky I am to be doing exactly what I am meant to be doing with my life.  It didn't come without a huge price and a ton of sacrifice and frustrations, etc. to land in a peaceful place.  It's been one helluva journey.  But like all journeys, it's been worth my time and energy.

One of the things I am fortunate enough to be doing is being an Acting Coach.  It is one of THE most inspiring things I could ever think of doing.  I have the joy and honor of being a part of an Artist's journey. Every age range has walked through my front door or my computer on Skype.  Every single one of these amazing Actors is allowing me into a corner of their world that is their most vulnerable, exciting, challenging, scary and FUN parts of their journeys.

I can't possibly take that lightly.

Every single student is 'bigger than I am.'  Translation:  Each student makes me think outside myself and together we climb a little higher by the end of each session.  Together, we get to kick down walls and doors and break through the other side.  Together, we might cry and laugh and dig deep in conversation for finding emotions that fit their scene.  Sometimes a student needs to figure out some of 'their stuff' before really getting into the juice of acting and excelling at the craft and of booking.

And you know what?  That's where magic happens!  Letting Artists do what they need to do and not judging them, talking down to them or speaking words of impending doom or embarrassing them in front of a huge class.  Magic happens when the Artist feels freedom and gets to discover their deeper sense of self.

(Is there time for all this beautiful magic of process in an actual audition??  NO.  Never!  Be not confused what I mean here:  In an audition, you gotta GET TO IT and get there quick.  In studying and discovering, you get to be the caterpillar for a minute--just before it turns into a butterfly.)


For some reason, the last two weeks, I have heard several humans talk about the times they were kicked down by someone else.  How they feel horrible about themselves because of someone else's toxic environment and words.  All of it resonates with me.  I will never forget a manager I was with, seven years and 15 pounds ago, telling me I was "too old, too ugly and too fat for this industry."  True story, I might've mentioned it in another blog.  It's one of my favorite stories to tell, as I couldn't be further from being attached to such nonsense at this point in my life.  None of us are immune to other's harsh words or actions.  We are all affected.

But because we are affected.... Doesn't mean we have to be INFECTED.  Another's toxic word virus can only INFECT us if we allow it.  I don't care what you do in life--Artist, Carpenter, Mechanic, Janitor, Cab Driver, Babysitter, Business Owner, Government Employee, Yoga Instructor, Teacher, Paramedic, Cop, etc. etc. etc.--none of us have to walk around being saturated with this Infection.  Nobody deserves to be treated with disdain.  And nobody else deserves to have "our stuff" dumped on them when we are here to be of service to them -- if it's done in a way that only services us and doesn't pertain to the circumstances.  Let's check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.


EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US IS IN THE SERVICE INDUSTRY--and it's a beautiful and vulnerable moment when someone comes to us for help of any kind.  Be a passionate crazy bitch with me and let's stand together, with a little love in our hearts and a whole lotta compassion for one another.

Let's get wild and crazy... And support one another.

Let's get totally balls out insane and be kind to one another.


Michelle Tomlinson


  1. You're so wonderful, and your a true inspiring person, god bless you my dear friend. Love Jason Dixon!

  2. Bitch . . . you be crazy like a Fox . . . keep on keepin' on!

  3. There are days when life serves up the proverbial bowl of lemons and one must simply get up and get out there anyway. Your posts always make those lemons sweet with positivity. Thank you for never giving up, and for reminding the rest of us why we shouldn't either.

  4. Wow, michelle, this is not only an unbelievably honest self-portrait, but an inspiring statement. I want to print this poster size and put it on my are right though, you don't get anything accomplished half-assedly; balls out or nothing....and you definitely just have to ignore the doubters, dust yourself off and get back to it. I love your philosophy of learning and growing with those we teach. Thank you Michelle...think ill go get a little crazy. :-D