Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wet my Whistle and Wet My Pants!

Water............. Oh great, marvelous, water.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has caused quite the kafuffle around water.  I've noticed, on Facebook and Twitter, many people angrily pointing fingers at who's using what water and for what purposes.

I haven't seen every single Ice Bucket Challenge Video shot in California.  But I have seen a lot.  Of the videos I have personally seen, we Californian's have dumped the ice water on ourselves in gardens, parks, the ocean and in our showers.  We are all aware we are in a drought.  We are trying to be part of a glorious movement, whilst keeping awareness.

Before I mention anything else , I say KUDOS to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Regardless if you agree with this challenge or not, it has brought people TOGETHER and more AWARE of all things ALS.  If you are unaware what ALS is, please visit this SITE.  The founder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge also just passed of an accidental death, please take a minute to read and send well wishes to his family in mourning.

Back to the "mud flinging."

We all have valid points of view in our outrage of the California drought.  People are rightfully pissed that all the golf courses are green, Beverly Hills is green, people's pools are filled and lawns across Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California are green and lush.  I get it.  I too get frustrated when I pass some shmuck who's sprinklers have watered the sidewalk more than their measly piece of lawn.  Or how about that patch on Riverside and Whitsett that has a consistent pothole due to someone leaving a puddle there from bad watering skills EVERY SINGLE DAY!??!  I'm not above getting pissed at wasting water.  But I am also not above having wasted water.  All of us do it.  Even those people who are bagging on those of us who took part of the ALS Challenge waste water.

I have a new idea.

I have a new challenge.

Here's our chance at becoming part of a solution instead of a problem.

I challenge ALL OF US to USE LESS WATER.

That's right.

Let's stop pointing fingers and bitching about other people.  Let's point at ourselves and figure out how WE can be part of the solution.

Look at how you use water and ask yourself how you can cut down.

Here's part of what I plan to do:

1. I think I take brief showers.  But I am actually going to time them and make sure I am in and out and clean within 5 minutes or less.  Girls, this includes washing my hair.

2.  I have six potted plants on my balcony.  Instead of watering them daily, I am gonna water them every other day.  To water them takes 2.5 gallons of water each time.  Now it'll be half.

3.  I always offer students water when they come here.  If they don't finish their glass, I will now put that unused water in my watering can for my plants on my balcony.

4.  I will be even more stringent about my dishwasher being PACKED and on the Save Energy setting before I set that sucker to go.

I know there's more I can and will do, these items are just the first few things that have entered my mind thus far.

I pledge to keep my side of the street clean as well as possible by watching my water usage.

How about..... you?

We gotta work together, peeps.

 Peace and Hydration

Michelle Tomlinson 


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