Sunday, April 21, 2013


I know I've said it before, but I think this Papillary Thyroid Cancer thing might be the best thing that's ever happened to me.

I also know how absolutely ludicrous that sounds.

I don't WANT any kind of cancer, nor would I wish it on my worst enemy.  This is scary as hell and not to be taken lightly.  I am NOT excited to go under a knife in June, have my thyroid yanked out, swallow radioactive iodine and then be on any kind of meds for the rest of my life.  These things that I am headed towards do not evoke one shred of YAY from me.

However.  I have gained a certain amount of clarity I don't know I would've ever obtained, had it not been for this little guy I've named "The Past".  (Yes, I gave the tumor a name.  In dealing with this and getting rid of it, I am kissing the past goodbye!)

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I lived a lot of my life... Like a DUMBASS.  It's so true!  It's laughably true!

Example:  I thought I was being a healthy little vegetarian by eating my veggies and tofu, crackers and cheese, the occasional fish and frozen foods that claimed to be healthy that I'd cook in a frying pan vs a microwave.

WOW.  When I look at that diet, about 50% of it was processed food of some sort.  50%!  What's in all processed food?  Chemicals.  What's in tofu/soy?  HORMONES THAT SCREW WITH YOUR THYROID.  Unless you're a female during menopause, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM SOY PRODUCTS.  I don't care if it says organic and made with love from heaven above--it's a huge ass lie.  Good grief, it's one of the number one irritants to the thyroid due to the plant based, natural occurring hormone that mimics estrogen.  Our thyroids regulate our hormones.  Do the math.  Adding hormones we don't need unless we are literally in menopause JACKS US UP.  Boys included.  

I now view soy the same way I view meat and cigarettes:  THANK GOD I QUIT THAT S**T.

I've thrown myself into many different types of holistic healing practices, as I've mentioned before.  A real gem includes an ALMOST raw, 99% vegan diet of highly alkaline foods.  (I had butter on a baked yam.  But I forgive myself. ;)  )

Farmer's Market Sunday Haul!

Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

Needless to say, I'm also pounding Kangen Water.

My food dehydrator is getting a serious work out making kale, zucchini, parsnip and orange beet "chips."  I'm using our new blender daily for making raw soups, sauces and smoothies.  (sans the yogurt, of course)

I have a folder stuffed full of raw vegan recipes and an extensive list of alkaline foods that range from low to high, and a mirrored list of acidic foods--also from low to high acidity.  The plan is to keep the raw alkaline food regime up and drink the hell outta that Kangen Water and keep "The Past" contained or help it get outta here.

Vegan Raw Pasta Dish!

Since changing my diet, I have found that I've had increased energy.  That's something that doctors said wouldn't return until I got "The Past" yanked out.  Soooooooooo, that's interesting....

The biggest AHA moment regarding food is that this is how we are MEANT to eat.  I'm not here to preach that the vegan way is the only way to live.  But I am here to preach that we have to WAKE UP and realize how many chemicals we ingest on a daily basis.  Wheat isn't even grown and harvested the way it was when my parents were kids. Everything is grown differently and processed differently.  Sickness, cancer, weird ass new named diseases insert name here... were not nearly as rampant as they are now.  We are what we eat.  When I walk into a regular grocery store now, all I see is sugar based products--processed food stuffs that won't rot until 2015--microwave dinners the size of a small town...

When did we become too busy to cook our own food?  Grab some veggies and throw down a munch?  We are all worth more than what's available to us.  If you're a meat eater, great!  Add some fresh veggies to your world to make sure there's a balance... If you're a vegan, great!  Make sure you're getting some protein.  Do your research and be clear that you're getting balanced food into your system.  FOOD.  Not manufactured, USDA stamped, FDA sideways glanced approved, spam meets white flour with a splash of sugar and organic vinegar with "all natural ingredients" slapped on the label to make out like it's healthy nonsense.  I'm talking FOOD-FOOD.  The kind our parents ate and their parents before them.

Eat like you love yourself.

Cancer sucks.  There's a zillion reasons "The Past" is in my thyroid right now, and I will get to other reasons in another blog post.  There's a whole lifetime of emotional hoo hah that goes into why it's here for this visit and I'm still filtering it all out before it can make sense to another human.

In the meantime, a big thank you to my friends Kimberly Amato and Jason Liquori for creating this rockstar image of dog tags.  It means the world to me you guys did this, I love it.  Thank you for believing in my ability to move through this moment.

Kimberly Amato nicknamed me Mighty McT a few years ago.  The name stuck and here we are, rockstar dog tags and all!  THANK YOU!!
If you're considering checking out some raw vegan options for yourself, I found these sites to be really helpful:

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High Alkaline Foods:

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Until next time, keep spreading your light and check out your fork next time it's coming in for a landing.


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  1. THANK YOU! I hate to admit it but that past dish looks really yummy...and you know how iffy I am with food in general.

  2. That damn soy!... Thank you, love this blog ;)~ Josie B

  3. Wow I just realized... you actually used my first name under that photo LMAO