Saturday, February 8, 2014


The most amazing & strong girl in the whole world: My Mom!
How often do we get beautiful reminders to stand in our power?

For a lot of us, our lives seem to be governed by EVERYONE but ourselves.  Have you ever asked yourselves "How the hell did THAT happen..??" If you think about it, a lot of us live in some form of anxiety.

We get filled with ninety thousand unfortunate belief systems that we not only buy, but we wear them like our favorite hoodie.

Here's a list of possible examples off the top of my head that most of us have running in the back of our minds, like a soundtrack to a Thriller film:

--We don't accept ourselves.

--We aren't accepted for who we are by our peers.

--We aren't thin enough, big enough, loud enough, quiet enough, strong enough, bright enough, quick enough, talented enough, loving enough, open-minded enough, etc.

--We allow our Families, Bosses, Friends, Agents, Managers, Colleagues, Acquaintances and Strangers to be in charge of how we feel and react.  If any of those people nail us with something that causes a negative impact on our state of mind, our entire day can be ruined.

--We fear our own power. 
Thank you, Internet, for this image!

If I had a buck for how many conversations I've had with some of my students, fellow actors, friends and business associates about how much the aforementioned list jacks up our whole day, I would have my plot of land in New Mexico bought and paid for by now!

The ironic thing about all of this is that these negative beliefs are actually our CHOICE.  I know that sounds pretty whackadoo, but think about it.

It's not new thinking, this choice thing.  Pretty much every single spiritual/religious figure head and guru in all the time of times has had this as part of their teachings.  "Turn the other cheek," "Seek a higher thought..."

It's not about wussing out and cowering and letting 'those people' win and get away with how they treat us and others.  It's about rising above, seeing them for who they really are, allowing some compassion to mix in with our knee-jerk anger for how sad their own lives are and walking tall with a smile on our face. Sometimes it takes an entire day or week to reach that place, but we can actually CHOOSE to embrace the higher path of thought than be down in the gutters, slugging it out with someone who will continuously badger you.

Loving life!
We are all born free of hate.  Hate is actually a learned behavior.  If we get in touch with our roots and live with a whole big wad of love in our hearts and raise our fists of gratitude in the air, we can stand in our power without taking anyone else's away from them.  And most certainly not give ours away to anyone else.

To quote the song in the link below:

"I Shall. I Shall. Be Free."