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I am a HUGE fan of the Television Show, SUPERNATURAL.  One of my Besties, Landall, introduced me to the show a few years ago.

I loved it immediately because it struck an incredibly deep and personal chord in my own life.  I don't run around killing demons and leaving salt in my doorway or anything, but I love the relationship of the Winchester Brothers--Dean and Sam, and what they are willing to do for each other in the name of being family.  There's a lot of very human factors woven into the show that I think a lot of us can relate to--and that's what makes some of us major fans of the show.

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Last year, when I had my radioactive iodine treatment for my stint with Papillary Thyroid Cancer, I had a very rough day of not being sure I was going to make it through.  My whole body was swollen five times it's size, my tongue was overly thick and I could barely breathe or drink water.  Thank God there was just one day it was that bad.  It was... something.

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In between my amazing Mama, Hubby and Bestie checking in on me, the only other thing that kept me going through that insane day was TNT having a marathon of SUPERNATURAL.  In my whackadoodled state of sickness delirium, I got to see the Winchester Brothers kick a little ass and envision everything they were slaying was akin to the poison floating through my own body and it was a much desired mind trick I got to play on myself all day.

So when Landall suggested we take a road trip to Vegas and actually attend a Convention that was ONLY for the show, I had to take it.

The amazing Landall Goolsby and myself. Road Trip!

It. Was. Epic.

We had purchased tickets for Saturday with assigned seating and what not.  Then we had entered a fabulous contest through Dan Deevy over at The Cinema Source in which we BOTH won General Admission Tickets.  It rocked.  Instead of being limited to enjoy only one day, we had Admission to check out all the panels and such and had a much cooler experience.  (Much gratitude!)


We decided (for the first times EVER in both our lives) to dress up.
I believe the official term is Cosplay.
Which is not usually my kind of thing.  HOWEVER.  We are talking about Supernatural, here!  We decided to wear the scrub bottoms and white tshirts from the "PUUUUUUUUUUUDDDING!!!!" Episode.  Landall was Dean and totally threw down his drawers and had hysterical cherry pie boxers on underneath.  I kept mine on (you're welcome, world!) and was more the Sam character. :)   We handed out Pudding and spoons to as many folks as would take it, just to take the fun even further. We entered the costume contest -- while we didn't win, we still had a great time and I do believe Landall had a fantastic time standing in front of a gigantic crowd of fans with his drawers down. :) :)

The air was electric and everyone was SO COOL to one another.  There wasn't this weird underlying hostility from anyone we encountered, which is another first for me when it comes to being in/at a Convention.

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We met a girl who was in a wheelchair who was the most amazing and beautiful person.  She participated in the costume contest as the DVD Box set of all the seasons of SUPERNATURAL.  It was epic.  She concocted a perfect eye slit so she could see where she was going and the design was SO COOL.  She made the weekend complete.  While some people might be bitter and angry about being wheelchair bound, this girl wore the biggest smile the entire weekend and was nothing but pure joy to be around.

Image from the Interwebs-Misha Collins as Castiel

We met another girl who dressed as the Angel Castiel.
She shared how important the show was to her, as
she credits the character Castiel for inspiring her to seek help for the gigantic life long depression she'd been in most of her life.

We also encountered a super cool girl who was sharing her convention experience with her Dad.

Stories about everyone's personal relationships with this show were plentiful, all weekend.

Image from the Interwebs! Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

I even got crazy enough to stand in line for a hundred years and ask Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles a question when they did their panel.  They couldn't have been more attentive to each one of us asking questions and took their time in giving full and complete answers.  As was the case with Misha Collins (Plays Castiel), when discussing everything from his career to his charity work and to his toddler.

 Guy Norman Bee, who has Directed several episodes of Supernatural, Arrow and Tomorrow People (as well as many other credits) even brought his adorable daughter on stage with him during his panel and ROCKED IT OUT.  He was incredibly passionate and informative about his process and what it's like to direct Television.

Everyone was incredibly insightful, thoughtful and inspiring.

When it came to the panel that was composed of Richard Speight Jr., Rob Benedict and Matt Cohen, I was
Image from the Interwebs! Matt Cohen, Rob Benedict
and Richard Speight Jr.
floored with one of their responses.  These fellas are huge recurring characters in SUPERNATURAL.  So I automatically assume these boys barely ever have to audition and they're just out there, rockin' it out.  Well. Lemme tell ya.  When they were asked what project they were working on next, they had a very similar answer between the three of them:  "It's Pilot Season, so we've been auditioning for a lot of really amazing Pilots."  Huh-Wha?!?  I was shocked to hear they weren't being handed roles left and right.  They're each wicked solid talented Actors who have some great credits.  (Lest I forget to mention they each have their own film projects they're helming, but I am talkin' strictly acting on this one.)

The lesson?

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As Actors, we can NEVER stop working to reach our next level of goals.  No matter what the project is or isn't, no matter the other names attached, we MUST keep working and building momentum. We gotta be in it to win it.

Between building amazing memories with one of my most dear friends in the world, the Panels with everyone, asking the "Winchester Boys" a question and meeting some of the most kind and joyful people, my sweet lil' Vegas weekend was one of significant inspiration.

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I am forever grateful to have experienced it and I'm officially letting my geek flag high and bright.


Michelle Tomlinson


  1. I love that you love the show and that you had an amazing time at the Con. My friend and actress Kim Rhodes was a guest there. She is always talking about the ups and downs of her career on her own blog... ( )
    This was one of the best: Dear Hollywood (

    Also, my friend Michael (also a director/writer) does a podcast on Sticher (an app I only learned about because of his show) called Supernatural: The Crossroads ( You would probably enjoy it!
    Kim will be a guest on there soon.

    Loved the story Michelle!

    1. THAT is too cool for school, Jesse! I love Kim Rhodes, she rocks! Thank you so much, kind sir! :)