Monday, May 19, 2014


I am starting a revolution.

That's right--I'm starting a revolution with myself!

(Don't worry, NSA, you can chill.  It's a peaceful revolution.)

I don't know if you can relate to this, but WOW sometimes I have the hardest time standing up for my own self-worth.  It's crazy.  I will defend anyone I see getting bullied, I have stood in between peeps in a fist fight and I am constantly reminding people how amazing they really are in this world.  It's rare I DON'T come across someone amazing, because I think we all have a lot to offer.

In my reflective moments of the insanity that was last year, I realized I stood up to having a moment with cancer with both fists doubled and I swung hard as hell as I faced a delicious amount of opposition.  I decided my own existence was worth fighting for and winning.

So why on earth would I still be questioning my own self worth...?  Because it's my albatross.  It's what hits my personal struggle buttons.  My lack of self-worth is how I have landed in so many unfortunate and (with the exception of my faboo marriage!) unhealthy relationships, both personal and professional.  Granted, my self-worth belief system is a zillion times better now than it's ever been, but I am here to tell you buttons never go away.  It's the reactions we have that shift, and that comes from intellect coming into play and guiding those wild emotions!

No matter where we are or what we're doing, we face opposition of some sort.  It's up to us to stand up for our self-worth and take care of our inner most selves.

We matter.

All of us.

So, about this revolution.  I have a new mantra for myself.  It's not a new mantra by any means, but it is for me.  I AM WORTH IT.  And so are you.

Every time I have some sneaky little rat in my head reminding me of old conversations and old beliefs... I am kickin' it's ass to the curb with a giant I AM WORTH IT radiating from my heart.

Wanna join the revolution?  Find a few words that fit you and hash tag it with IAmWorthIt.  Why not?

Life is a rock solid gift and we can create what we want out of it, just by our belief system in self-worth.


Michelle Tomlinson


  1. Nice blog. I like the direction you are taking this.. Keep it up, the light shines from with-in you.. Peace

  2. Hay to the mighty McT, watched you on all your Kung Fu Femmes, sorry that you had the struggle with illness like that but it well appears you kicked butt on it, so cool. Love the way you write, you really go inside with things and pull out truth in a kind of poetic way, and that you state the phrase human condition means that you look at the big picture throughout so be well.

    I found myself stopping over here as I have not heard Tony put a promo on about the making of Webisode #9 over on KFF the way he did last year. I am wondering if you are going to continue with that series having had a bout of cancer like you have. It had to have to have set you back with things.

    In any case wish you all the best and peace to you,


    1. Hey, Randy! Thank you for such a rockin' comment on here. The last KFF was tough, we shot it about three days after my biopsy and my neck was hugely swollen and with bruises everywhere... Thank God for make-up! :)

      A setback leads to a comeback and as far as I know, #9 will be in the Fall.. I think?

      Thank you so much for your kindness, have a rockin' week.



    2. Michelle, I just got a blurb from Tony off YouTube and he was saying as you noted Webisode 9 would be filmed in the fall and also that 10 will follow early next year at some point. And, here is the punch line; Tony said he hopes to do a KFF movie; of course I immediately promoted you as the lead. It had to have been tough what you went through and peace and love to yah for it Gods blessings and all, but now that your on the comeback trail maybe its time for Tyler to hit the big screen, yah think and show the world what the Kung Fu Femmes are really all about. Anyway I’m just rattling here, so glad your doing better.

      Take care and much peace,